Fred Armisen: Comedian-in-Chief

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If some say humour is a universal language, then Fred Armisen must be a master linguist. Armisen, who plays the President-Elect Barack Obama flawlessly, has a lot more to be happy with the election results earlier this month with his impersonation of the former Chicago Senator knocking out Darrell Hammond’s impression of Senator John McCain.

Week after week on Saturday Night Live, Armisen has played several different characters but most recently has garnered the attention of audiences from near and far with his impersonation of the country’s first black President. Several cast members had originally auditioned for the coveted role but SNL producer, Marci Klein suggested Fred to creator Lorne Michaels.

Fred Armisen, 41 has been on the show for the past six seasons and has had the ability to transform into many characters like the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, musician Prince and even British Duchess, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Upon being asked to take the role of Barack Obama, Armisen gave it a second, “I thought, yeah, I’ll try it”.

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