Jim Beaver – A “Super Natural” Guy

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It’s been said that without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade; however with it, it becomes creation. If that’s the case, then Jim Beaver is one heck of an actor and has proved to be a creative artist throughout his life whether it is on stage or on screen.

Born James Norman Beaver Jr., in Laramie, Wyoming, he was the eldest of three younger sisters and grew up in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas where his father a minister encouraged him to learn, read and build on his speaking skills. “I always thought it was because he wanted me to follow him into the ministry, but he said in later years that he’d only wanted me to be well-spoken.”

Beaver served in the US military shortly after high school and says of the whole transition to be fairly shocking. “It was one of the hardest things I ever did, getting through basic training but it’s one of the best things I ever did, too. High school was tough but none of my teachers ever hit me or made me stand on my toes and knuckles for an hour!” He reminiscences that there was quite a bit he enjoyed about serving in the Marines but admits it was very different and it was a difficult experience compared to his years in high school.

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