Q&A with Jim Beaver


Article PhotoIt seems trite to say but simply put, Jim Beaver is an all over nice guy. He’s most gracious and humble in his nature and someone who I enjoyed having the pleasure of interviewing. When we got down to it, there was a lot to discuss about his upbringing, the start of his film career and what more he’s diving into but we also discussed films in general and his view of them and some things that Beaver enjoys doing the utmost.

So, with all the movies you’ve watched over the years and admired, is there a movie in cinematic history that you wish you had either wrote or starred in? Or perhaps even created?

No. Of course, it’s great to think about being in something like “The Grapes of Wrath” or “Schindler’s List” or “Unforgiven”, but I like those films for what they are, and they aren’t any less just because I didn’t get to be in them. It’s not so much a case of wishing I could be in some previous classic as it is hoping I get to be in something that becomes a great classic. I’ve been pretty close a couple of times. And it ain’t over yet!

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