Twitter’s “Follow Friday” – ‘Mo with Coco & My Paranormal

Whether you’re on Twitter or not, you’re probably familiar with the terms “hashtag” and “Follow Friday” now. It’s become a weekly international phenomenon that most Twitter users partake in every Friday and with the micro-blogging site growing exponentially since it was introduced to the internet over two years ago, it’s been the most talked about creation in recent times. Like blogs, Twitter helps connect people on a personal level with status updates and with trending topics, which allow users to recognize topics being discussed in real time.

This Friday, I’ve decided to showcase individuals and groups that I feel are enterprising in their own right and have a certain readiness to undertake new projects with an ableness and initiative that is most admirable. The three Twitter accounts mentioned all have a common ground. They are not just daring in their profession but in an aspect, they engage you in their own respective rights: Conan O’Brien entertains you through life, making you escape from the harshness of reality; Chris Cuomo brings you the facts of the day-to-day realities we all face and the fellas behind My Paranormal, make you question the stuff in between. I do believe these three are worthy of following and taking notice of and here’s why I think that…

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