Stacey Vuduris: Designing Woman

Creativity isn’t just about creating but is rather the art of articulating a concept where your imagination peaks over the edge of an idea. Stacey Vuduris’ creativity sparks from self-trust. The key to designing and being bold in your work is to trust your instincts. Her instincts are sharp and inspiring and create way for a new path on the road to interior designing.

Stacey Vuduris is the mastermind behind Stacey Vuduris Interior Design, a company that from its inception in 2006 has brought forth confident and daring plans for those interested in designing or refurbishing their homes.

Vuduris’ talent for interior design has always been something of interest in the forefront of her mind. “I’ve always loved it. I use to draw houses all the time as a kid and when I would go out to eat with my parents, I would make my mom walk me to the washroom so I could see if it were fancy or not,” she laughs. “That’s how I decided if I liked a restaurant or not.”

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