Andrew Overcash: Paying it forward with “My Story”

There are very few directors in the industry who realize their true motives to direct and envision. Directing is an art that needs to feed from a feeling and articulate a particular emotion filled with passion and a desire; a compassion for the canvas of life. Andrew Overcash is one of those directors who understands the need to deliver and give back.

Overcash put his current show together for one reason: his brother.

“My brother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in eighth grade and after a four year battle with ups and downs, he did pass. During that time, St. Jude did so much for my family and my brother and even after his passing, they continued to stay in contact with us and be true blessings. My brother, even after finding out he was going to pass, always cared for others and never made anyone feel sorry for him so, from his constant caring for others and the amazing love my family received from St. Jude, I decided it was time to give back,” he says.

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