The Art of Acting with Rebecca Kopec

What is an actor? It’s a simple definition and very easily, one you can find in the dictionary but there’s a history behind it. It isn’t just a word to an actor. It’s an art form, rather a way of perceiving and articulating words found on paper to liberate the delicate emotions made up of raw passion and a brazen honesty within themselves. And all in order to make up for good storytelling.

One actor in particular with a great passion for the art of acting is, Rebecca Kopec. Hailing from a small family in New York, has a grounded attitude and a solid head on her shoulders. She’s a bubbly, no-nonsense, quick talking young woman and in the time we spoke, it’s evident that she’s a firm believer of working hard and waiting for her spotlight.

This month, Kopec can be seen in the cabaret production of My Story directed by Andrew Overcash, with all proceeds from the show going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She’s amongst five other talented actors who are working hard to bring this production to life.

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