Movie Review: True Grit

It seems like the film industry today isn’t too keen on producing westerns as they aren’t made too often but when they are, they are made with much interest and an eager eye. A duo that you wouldn’t expect to be involved in the creation of a western is this generation’s leading writing and directing team, Ethan and Joel Coen. Their latest, True Grit is a beautiful, literary piece that is nothing like its 1969 predecessor starring the Duke, John Wayne.

This film proves that the Coen brothers are clearly experienced enough to exercise their genre palette and create such a film of grandeur while never losing sight of the storyline, its genuinely constructed characters and indulging into their usual quirks found in their filmography. True Grit has all the elements of a western but at the same time, still has that signature touch the Coen brothers are well known for as seen in their past films. The film does not take away from the novel’s direction and the Coen style. It still has that elusive flavour the two visionaries bring forth in every film, in terms of the sarcastic banter between characters and the quick “shock and awe” approach to the storyline, rising conflict and violence. With a Coen feature, one never knows where the story will take them.

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