Movie Review: The Company Men

In recent years, America has faced a great recession that has left the jobless with not only profound psychological and emotional scars but with slim hope of finding themselves out of the ditch they were put in. The economic catastrophe has affected more than 15 million people and they feel disheartened and quite weak as their financial reserves grow exhausted, their job hunt becomes strenuous and their place with their family, community and society befalls strain with the battle for their shifting identity becoming a newfound challenge.

A film that is showcasing the current economic forecast and the realities of it all is The Company Men directed by long-time television producer, John Wells (ER, The West Wing). In his directorial debut, Wells who also wrote the screenplay for the topical film illustrates an unyielding, clever and poignant piece of work for the audience, bringing the bleak realities to life.

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