World Water Day Profile: Co-Founder, Gary White of

Water is the hub of life and often, with the way life is demanding of our lifestyles, we take it for granted. We forget that the water cycle is also the life cycle and because of the devastating amount of countries struggling without clean water today, thousands of families are torn apart as the repercussions of unclean water bring about unpreventable diseases and often, death. It is known that every fifteen seconds a child dies from a waterborne disease. It’s been noted that nearly one billion people lack access to safe water and someone who has seen the affects of the water crisis firsthand is Gary White, co-founder of White’s become a leader in his own right, involving himself in a dynamic and remarkable vision for changing the world.

White, an engineer by training realized the power of clean water after spending time in the slums of Guatemala City, nearly two decades ago. When White studied at the Missouri University of Science and Technology back in the mid-1980’s, he took a trip to see what was happening in the world and how he could help. After watching a young girl carry home water scooped from a filthy container, White was taken aback by the sources made available for drinking water. Not only were these sources gross in appearance and backwards in the technical aspect but they were clear indications of onset sickness and death for the community, particularly the children with weakened immune systems.

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