World Water Day Profile: Co-Founder, Matt Damon of

The quality of water and the quality of life, in all its infinite forms are critical parts of the overall ongoing health of our planet, our future and most importantly, ourselves. Water is vital to our existence and considering how life has progressed, it’s become an essential need that man has now often overlooked. We will never know the full worth of water until the well is dry and in some developing countries, growing up without water is a norm. There are nearly one billion people in this world who lack access to clean drinking water and it’s a heartbreaking truth that every fifteen seconds a child under the age of five dies from a waterborne disease. Someone who’s adamant on making sure clean water becomes a necessity in every country is one of the founders of, Matt Damon.

Matt Damon may sound like a familiar name to you because Matt Damon is that Matt Damon. He isn’t just an actor with an Academy Award and an impressive filmography. He’s a leader in the crusade for clean water and with his leadership skills, he chooses to defy reality and envision what can be achieved by understanding the issues of those affected by the lack of fundamental needs. He and co-founder, Gary White of are guiding the way for constructive progression in the safe global water and sanitation crisis. Since the launch of, both founders have brought clean water to nearly 300,000 people.

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