Love Gets The Royal Treatment

What exactly is love?

Is it a kiss? Is it a stare? Is it the way that person you adore and admire holds you or makes you feel warm and comforted? Safe and appreciated?

Any guesses? Can’t think of one solid answer, right? That’s because there’s no real definition. There never really is. It all depends on each one of us and how we perceive the beauty that lies in the enormity that is in fact, love.

This morning, the world witnessed two people simply in love, exchange their wedding vows at the historical and lavish Westminster Abbey in England. Those two people were not just Prince William and Kate Middleton – two people in love, but of best friends first, who share a deep connection and mutual understanding and respect for one another. Their decade-long romance began as a simple friendship; both being involved with other people at the time. In spite of this, the two spent much of their time together as they studied art history at the University of St. Andrews. Shortly after, they started seeing each other romantically until a break-up that lasted for several months in 2007.

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