Start Your Engines: The Indianapolis 500 Celebrates 100 Years!

What is it about car racing that excites most of us? Some will say it’s the thrill of watching their favourite drivers on the racetrack, playing cat and mouse as they speed past each other or the adrenaline rush you get when you smell the rubber of the tires burning, listening to the roaring engines or that warm Indiana weather that kisses your skin. Whatever the case, it’s the thrill of feeling elated; the speed and heart witnessed on the racetrack that makes one feel the rush of the sport. In the past when anyone was asked to provide the name of the most famous automobile race, almost all would mention the Indy 500; it’s on the lips of every sports fan and racing enthusiast and this weekend is a big one!

The Indianapolis 500 celebrates a century of automobile racing this weekend at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as thousands of fans will be attending the event and watching their favourite racecar drivers speed their way through the fierce competition. The race’s history has seen exciting wins, tragedy and controversy while hosting the best drivers from all the motorsport series.

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