Love and Sex According to Michael Johns: “Follow your heart and try and be the best person you can”

Last week, singer and songwriter, Michael Johns released his brand new EP, Love and Sex, a three track compilation containing songs about two of the most intricate subjects that continuously baffle our thoughts, emotions, actions and ultimately, relationships: love and sex. What exactly are they? Films have been created, songs have been written – it’s something our society ponders everyday.

I had the opportunity to pick Johns’ brain and touch on the subjects, figuring out what love and sex means to him. He has written several songs about love and his album Hold Back My Heart is a sheer testament of the depths he dove into to showcase his emotions in the best way possible. In some sense, he truly wears his heart on his sleeve.

Johns knows what he feels and as an observer, I’ve come to realize he’s someone who is very in touch with his feelings, proving how good a head he has on his shoulders. When I ask him what love is, he knows and answers without any hesitation. “I believe [it’s] defined by feeling totally selfless towards another being, putting their feelings first and having their back through everything.”

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