Soulmates: Fact or Fiction?

It’s the age old question that we all wonder. Is there someone out there made for each one of us? I use to wonder about the concept of soulmates and thought it didn’t exist. It just couldn’t. I’ve always believed it was just a thing created by Hallmark and many chocolate manufacturers who knew what heart strings to tug and how much sugar would induce you into a hyperactive coma so much so, that you wouldn’t dwell on being alienated in a culture that focuses heavily on coupling whether it is through film, music and print.

So, soulmates…what are they? When Aristotle was asked, what a friend is, he answered that it was a single soul dwelling into two bodies. Many variants over the years have transformed that definition to the subject of love, claiming true love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies because friendship is the basis of genuine love. However, when queried in the same text as to what love is, Aristotle himself replied, “What is life without love? Love is like the sun. Without light, there’s no life.”

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