Up, Up and Away! “Man of Steel” Teaser Trailers Released

As the world says goodbye to Batman with The Dark Knight Rises playing in theaters now nationwide, we welcome back another superhero in the teaser trailer for the Zack Snyder directed Superman flick, Man of Steel. An extended trailer premiered at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this month, however, audiences worldwide get to see what all the buzz is about with a teaser trailer out now.

I have been a big fan of Superman since I was a kid. I was the little girl who would run around my house with the action figure in hand, swooping over drawers and desks, reporting his flight status in a Lois Lane fashion while knocking several items over. I would pop in an old videotape of the Richard Donner directed, Superman from 1978 starring the late Christopher Reeve and watch it over and over. You could say growing up I had a complex and dreamt of having my very own Superman. Though years later I realized I would never want the love of my life to run across a train to woo anyone. It’s dangerous and should never be done under any circumstance.

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