Dickens Rises with “The Dark Knight” in Gotham City

The most anticipated film of 2012 opened up this past July and is still stunning audiences, staying at the top spot of the box office this summer! Raking in about $834 million, the film is now the 30th most lucrative production of all time. The Dark Knight Rises is the compelling conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. The three films he created changed the face of blockbuster filmmaking and breathed a brand new life into how superhero films and scripts are produced. Nolan’s world of Batman is real, gritty and relatable and not at all comes off cartoonish like Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Don’t get me wrong, but when George Clooney donned the Batman suit—sure, Clooney was handsome, fresh-faced and debonair in a Cary Grant sort of comic-book way, but the costume came off ridiculously like a caricature, complete with a jockstrap and nipples. The nipples alone were distracting!

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