Is Social Networking Making Us Antisocial?

Today the media is not what it used to be. Communication in the past was simple and meaningful. Before the internet there were limited sources of information we had to rely on. The culture was then adapting to a limited mass media market, as was the limitation imposed on our intellect. However, the reality today is entirely different. The last few years of the internet have exploded into quite an innovative way of mass socialization amongst users with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, dating sites like Zoosk or eHarmony; you name it, these social networking sites have become minute by minute communication necessities for millions of people.

The social media explosion on the Internet is setting new rules for all parts of the society. Every day someone joins a social network in hopes to connect with another user but it is drawing concerns amongst many that all that precious screen-time is actually diminishing the time we spend communicating face-to-face. Social networking has, obviously, seen the largest increase in the past ten years of any online activity. Social networking has revolutionized the way we interact with the internet and with other users.

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