Property Brothers are back with “Buying and Selling”

The reality television series, Property Brothers has been a complete success for HGTV and the W Network since its premiere back in 2011. On the home design show, twin brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, help home buyers in the purchase and renovation of “fixer-uppers”. Drew is a sharp real estate agent whose expertise helps families find the perfect home and negotiate the purchase; while Jonathan is a tough contractor who tears apart the shanty ruins and makes the gorgeously constructed “dream home” for the owners. Together the two of them help families to find and create the home they’ve always wanted.

The Scott brothers are now back with another home show, this time around aimed at helping homeowners climb the next rung in the property ladder by “buying” a new home and “selling” their old one. The show, Buying & Selling premiered August 29 on HGTV and sets an overall tone for the new series. The show, in which homeowners get advice from the two on how to sell their current home and purchase a new one begins with a couple whose home gets a tiny reno-treatment while courting the idea of a new residence.

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