Sleepless in Indianapolis: A Walk-Through Circle City

Call it wanderlust but I’ve always felt traveling is the key to personal purpose and living. Traveling is more than just escaping your day-to-day life. It serves a definite cultural purpose in life, not to escape from it but to live through it, and learn much about man and other people. Traveling and seeing places is an important part of one’s education; seeing a sight and wandering off, exploring surroundings—it’s about that transformation you can feel inside of you upon discovery. The experience one gains through traveling and meeting different people provides an entirely different meaning and knowledge that one cannot get through reading alone.

I’ve been told by my parents that I was the kind of kid who literally grew up running before I could walk because I was so eager to be on the move and explore the world around me. Growing up it always felt like summer was the longest season and that those sunny weeks, accompanied by flawless blue skies and a snug humid haze would delicately envelope one day into the other with genuine amusement. Some afternoons found me playing in our backyard for hours at a time, or walking around the creek near my home and discovering new things; while some evenings found me sitting on my porch as the crisp cool summer wind would blow my pigtails into a loose mess while counting stars in the moonlit night sky. It was endless fun for me and at times I wish I could go back to such a point, but the reality is that time trickles by and life evolves. In that process we tend to lose sight of ourselves, of who we are, and the ever-lasting excitement of exploration.

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