Adobo Grill: A Mexican Fiesta in the Heart of Indy

This past summer my travels found me visiting the ever congenial and lush city of Indianapolis. While on my trip, not only was I taking in the many sights and sounds by walking around the city or visiting museums, but I was indulging in fine dining in and around Circle City. One such restaurant that caught my eye—and stomach—was the Chicago import known as Adobo Grill located on Washington Street in downtown Indy.

This stylish and upscale Mexican restaurant located smack in the middle of downtown Indy is snazzy and adds a great intimate touch to the fine dining experience. Bringing authentic Mexicana feel to the city, there’s a great warm feeling when you arrive at the Adobo Grill. Walking in you immediately notice the unique structure of the building from the winding staircase to the warm pumpkin colored walls accented by bright bold artwork. The overall ambiance is inviting and though the restaurant offers two-story seating, it’s still very cozy and amiable with a two-story bar that serves over 90 different tequilas of the best selection. When I got in around two o’clock for lunch, the hungry crowd was buzzing with enthusiasm and were clearly foodies highly appreciative of savory and succulent cuisine that fills the restaurant with the aromatic scent of their fiery, mouthwatering grill—a tip of just what’s in store for customers and their taste-buds!

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