Raising Hope: Malala Yousafzai – The World’s Symbol of Promise

From a purely humanistic approach, life is not about how fast you can run or how high you can climb over the obstacles. The value as to the purpose of life may pertain to a higher purpose of confronting ultimate reality; to live one’s dreams, to matter in life, to count and to stand for something; to have made some difference in other people’s lives through personal sacrifices and ordeals; to follow or submit to destiny; to face our fears, hopes and then to accept the lessons life offers us; or to challenge oppression, and do it so with perseverance and faith with ability to bounce back.

This is what Malala Yousafzai embodies and personifies. It’s been said that everyone has the ability to become the hero of their own life story as it’s essential to fight for what you believe is right. This year the world met a brave young girl who has not just been a hero to many oppressed in a socially ravaged part of our world, but has become one of the most influential and talked about people. The amazing thing is, this charming young woman is only fourteen years old and already creating quite an impression with many worldwide.

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