How Life is So ‘Wonderful’ According To Capra

Throughout the years there have been many films that have created quite an impact but none can really compare to Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life. The film isn’t really just a film. It’s more of a study in hardship, frustration, and lost hope that serve as a valuable life lesson through the eyes of George Bailey, a simple man at the end of his rope and his journey through an alternate vision of reality.

It’s a masterpiece and one of the most important films in our cinematic history. Not only does a film like this bear great similitude to our social climate today with people losing their jobs, mortgages in default, banks on the teeter-totter, and the poor and middle-class getting poorer while the rich get richer; but it never fails to touch us personally in themes of great relation through life as we know it. It’s A Wonderful Life shows us the value of an individual and the contribution to the greater good that he can make.

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