Letter from the Editor: Read, Write and the Pursuit of Happiness

Dear Readers,

I cannot express how excited I am about the new year! We’re at that time of year where you can actually feel January and understand what it all means. That glimmer of Christmas is gone; that crack of the champagne bottle now echoes in the distance, and it’s all in the past. Think about what’s behind you and realize that today is a new day—a new world is at your fingertips and you have the ability to make it what it is. What’s done is done and our futures lie brightly ahead.

It’s been said that New Year’s Day is the most active-minded holiday of the year, exploring your emotional and psychological needs. How you spend those moments after midnight depict your true motives for how you’d like to carry out the rest of the year and what you desire most out of your life. Think about all your New Year’s celebrations. Where were you? Who did you spend them with? The day after New Year’s reveals how people want to better themselves and improve their lives and most importantly, attain happiness. Happiness is the being of our souls; the sole purpose of our lives. New Year’s, more than any other day we will ever celebrate, marks the prospect of meaningful attainment and restores hope and faith. It makes our dreams all the more possible because we have that ability to start fresh.

But what about the days ahead?

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