Peyton Manning: The Comeback Kid

If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize in my years of watching football, it’s that it’s a lot like life which is full of feelings and strategy. They both have us tackling our problems head-on while blocking out our fears in order to protect the dreams we cherish. With any chance we get, they both equally prove how important it is to seize an opportunity in order to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves when prioritizing our life. Someone who’s had to tackle his own problems head-on and block out fears in order to protect his dreams in these last two years was NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Arguably one of the best football players of our generation, Peyton Manning, joined the Indianapolis Colts back in 1998 fresh out of the University of Tennessee. Since then he has led the team to 11 playoff appearances, including a Super Bowl title in 2006 and claimed 4 MVP titles along with appearing at 11 Pro-Bowls. However, the fourteen year marriage between Manning and the Colts organization came to an end last March as Jim Irsay, owner of the esteemed organization announced they would be parting ways after Manning could not play for the whole 2011 season due to a neck injury. The four neck surgeries the once golden boy had to endure over the last two years made him more of a liability than an asset, creating only one option for the organization, the team and the fans.

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