Take Me Back To The Start…

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There is seemingly no better time to recharge and work on fresh starts than the energizing season of spring! This season and all through the year I’ve decided to re-learn French, travel more frequently, read more books, try new things, and blog here to connect with readers and share news on what’s happening with my online magazine, The Hudsucker.

In case you don’t know the story, well here’s the dish! Last June I started an online magazine called The Hudsucker and recruited impeccable, talented and just such lovely, down-to-earth writers. Each one of them is extremely pleasant and bright. It makes my job so much easier too because of that, and it’s a great environment that I adore. I love how we all get along and are learning about one another through some of the collaborations we work on, the articles each writer pours their heart into, and the discussions carried through our bulletin board and email. In the coming weeks, we will be bringing back our popular “He Said, She Said” advice column while some of our writers continue their weekly and seasonal series.

We’ve had great success in the first ten months with readership going up each and every week, being recognized by notable personalities like Chris Cuomo, Jerry Seinfeld and the IWMF. I’m confident we will excel beyond expectations in these months ahead so stay tuned!

Now I created this blog back in 2010 and had been using it to promote my portfolio of writing over at NBC News’ Newsvine but lately have been thinking to use this as my personal blog; a place where the Editor-in-Chief of an upcoming online magazine can come to relax and share thoughts in an informal style to her friends and new readers. This past weekend I revamped the blog and found my niche in the theme of Bueno and of course, it wasn’t easy tweaking but I think it came out really nice and something that is reflective of my style.

I love writing. Some times I feel it’ll be the only spouse I ever have because as much as I deny it, I am devoted to being a writer. It’s in me. Writing and I love each other but though we also fight, a lot of the times something amazing comes out of our collaboration and the end result is one of my favorite things ever. It not only makes me proud, but the fact that I can relate to someone through words is one of the best feelings ever and extremely humbling. Through writing I have also found rejection, insults, and basic “internet trolling” (and it sure as heck hurts!) but at the end of it, only you know yourself and can understand how you wish to convey your thoughts through your style.

Writing is about heart. I tell that to my writers all the time and it’s true. You have to be able to let go when writing. Each letter that loops, each word that brings meaning needs to be from deep within you. There are times when I forget that and write because I “have to” or am told to but if you don’t pour your heart out, you’re missing something in your work.

This season I vouch to look deep inside and convey what I know someone else feels. We aren’t alone in this world and writing—rather, the blogosphere brings all of us closer together. I have found beauty through writing. I have found emotion through writing. I even found my best friend whom I love dearly through writing. Well, writing via Twitter some three years ago, a micr0-blogging medium—but that still counts! If you can connect to someone through words, that’s extremely powerful and you’ve crafted quite the art for yourself because you’re extremely expressive and devoted readers will understand that and ultimately see it.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” — William Wordsworth


  1. Holy crap I have a blog too! Who knew? But anyway, I always love reading your writing and you’re the best editor-in-chief I could ask for (Especially considering I’m not always on time with my articles). But, like you said, writing is about heart and sometimes you find a lot of that all at once, like with my Idol articles. I love writing about that show because it’s so inspiring to see somebody become this big star week in and week out. That’s what inspires me and I can’t wait to hear what inspires you!

    1. I never knew you had a WordPress—I just “followed” you! Gkjklfjalfkjaf aww, I love you tons! That’s incredibly sweet of you and I’m so happy we’re good friends and we get to write together! You write amazing pieces and I can tell each time you write something, how much heart and soul you put in and it’s so beautiful to see. That inspires me greatly! Glad you’re here and I hope you will eventually use this site again too! Love reading what you write!

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