Happy World Water Day!

Children at new school tap in Paraiso Moras, Lempira, Honduras. Image Credit: Water.org

When you drank a glass of water today, did you really look at it? Did you realize that something so common and normal to us has a deep dark truth behind it? A truth that really none of us know about or even realize. Water, a liquid made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen—what does it mean to man? How important could something like water really be? It has become a sad truth that water, one of the most essential ingredients to our life source has evolved into one of the most basic needs that man has now taken for granted. We disregard it and at times, have become so blind in our quest for survival and power that water, the one true lifeblood of our nation, well-being and economy, has now become a victim of such apathy.

Today marks World Water Day, a day where the profile of water quality is raised by encouraging governments, organizations, communities and individuals around the world to wholeheartedly engage and proactively address the depleting water conditions around the world with hopes of tackling pollution prevention, clean up and restoration. World Water Day is an annual initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. This year and all year around the world, a huge number of events and activities take place to allow people to have the chance to be part of a world where we can all make a difference and get clean water to everyone in need of it.

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