He Said, She Said: Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

Back in February, my writers and I at The Hudsucker introduced an advice column called He Said, She Said in hopes to help readers with their relationship dilemmas. We received quite a few questions and are now keeping the column as a permanent staple at our online magazine. If you have any questions regarding love, sex, being single, relationships, etc., email us and we can help. Perhaps your question will be answered in our next edition!

This week I took part for the first time with three of my writers and provided advice to a reader from Spokane, WA who was unsure of telling her best friend that she was in love with him. As someone who has been down that road, it was interesting to pull up such emotions, convey them and ultimately work from personal experience in order to help someone. Matters of the heart are never easy and often times, one of the hardest things one may have to deal with.

He Said, She Said: Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

Friendships are a key component to our lives and help us grow emotionally and mentally. In all its beauty, the dynamic is essentially rooted in a specific concern and care for a friend. Most times it’s a concern and care which might reasonably be understood as a kind of love, though at times a broader set of concerns begin to form and branch out, ultimately blurring the two. With such progression, love and friendship get lumped together as a single topic as you both experience life together bringing some to question, “How do I tell my best friend I’m in love with them?”

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