Ben Affleck: The Renaissance Filmmaker

Image Credit:  Kurt Iswarienko Every film is its own kind of expedition, and the way you move in that journey depends entirely on the director. Directing isn’t easy but reliance of the script, it should be able to challenge the directors and allow them to break new ground and reinvent their style. As a cinephile, I feel successful directors have a true understanding of not just the world around them, but of quality writing and research, history, literature, the psychology of man and a genuine ability to interact with people. Such filmmakers became auteurs who are able to create an individual style and control such elements of their production to give their film its own personality and unique stamp.

One such auteur is Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck. This past February, despite being snubbed in several categories by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Affleck won the coveted Best Picture Oscar for his third directorial venture Argo. The film was the focus of the real-life CIA operation that brought home six American diplomats from Tehran during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Though Affleck admits there were a few Hollywood elements added to create commercial appeal, core historical factual elements of the film are indeed true and thus prove Argo to be his finest masterpiece so far.

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