Letter from the Editor: This Moment Is All You’ll Ever Have

Image Credit: Boston Red Sox

Dear Readers,

What took place this past week in Boston was horrendous and truly heartbreaking. We at The Hudsucker extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and community as our thoughts, prayers and love go out to those affected and in the process of healing.

At times I still can’t find words to help fathom or soothe the confusion of such an act of violence. As I make my way through life and grow through the generations, I’m starting to see a thin line between love and war. When that line breaks, everything changes. One moment it’s all normal, and the next our world is turned upside down and it’s that abrupt change and lack of warning which creates such terror as fear of the unknown plagues our existence. As those held responsible for the explosions will soon be brought to justice, I have been thinking of ‘life’ and everything it encompasses.

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