Dial H for Hitchcock: An In-Depth Discussion About ‘The Master of Suspense’

Alfred Hitchcock, known by many as the “Master of Suspense” is one of the most influential filmmakers of the 21st century. He has a reputation for high-art filmmaking with an enormous popularity. To this day his films continue to capture and fascinate audiences of all ages and though this is not common for a lot of directors of yesteryear, his films continuously influence the way we regard creating film and story for the big screen.

With brilliant and slick thrillers like North by NorthwestPsycho or Rear Window, Hitchcock created films like no other. He started his career in the 1920s as a title card illustrator for silent films and would work his way up to sound and color several years later, eventually creating his own stamp on cinema.

On this day April 29 of 1980, Alfred Hitchcock passed away from kidney failure. With respect to this innovator and the affect he’s had on all of us, our writers Andrew Rogers and Tania Hussain sit down to talk about their favorite films, share with readers their overall love for the director, while discussing how his films have played an important role in today’s popular culture.


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