Letter from the Editor: One Year and Counting

On June 16th, my writing venture, The Hudsucker celebrated its one-year anniversary! I still can’t believe it’s been a year. Time really flies when you’re having fun and interacting with creative minds. Now I wasn’t able to post this earlier because I was in Indianapolis, but I wanted to share the letter I wrote to readers and my fellow writers because this has been one of the most important ventures in my life. I have the best team around the blogosphere and each one of them is incredibly talented, driven and intelligent. Since we started out, we’ve received much love and support; it’s always appreciated and is never forgotten. Readers make what The Hudsucker is and my writers make who The Hudsucker is. This venture really is a true testament to dreams and the struggle to make something of yourself through pain and heartache. In some ways, I guess creating the site and working hard at it is a way of healing too.

Without further adieu, I present my letter.

Dear Readers,

Happy birthday to us! Today marks one year since The Hudsucker was officially created. It’s been an interesting journey thus far, and in just one year we have grown from a team of 5 to a team of 25 writers from three different continents. I am extremely humbled that each writer on this team has found the dream that I once had to be a worthwhile one and something they believe can grow into something great.

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