Indiana’s Cool Gem: Auntie Em’s Frozen Custard & Cupcakes

As the post-vacation feelings begin to wear off and I get back to my daily routines after another fun trip to Indiana, I ask myself if that desire for exploration–that wanderlust–does it ever wear off? I am a traveler by nature who is always on the lookout for delicious food and as eager as I am to tour new sights, I crave desserts as much as I crave traveling! The taste, the flavors, the colors, and the aroma all assist in creating fresh, new experiences and arouse my temptation for exploration.

Upon first visiting the Midwest three years ago, I discovered ‘frozen custard’. With my itineraries neatly organizing sights and sounds to check out within the present destination, it always slipped my mind to squeeze in this innovative cold dessert. Frozen custard may be found in pockets of any city, but I first learned of it through an alluring billboard for Culver’s in Michigan City, Indiana.

This past June, I finally got my chance to try frozen custard when exploring the artsy Carmel district of Indiana, and must add that I am now a fan of this smooth and silky cool dessert.

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