BOLO Issued for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

May sound odd to say, but I’m all about cops. I love them! I have since I was a wee one. I was the kid who grew up watching the funny side of cops through films like Police AcademyThe Naked Gun, and—not proud to mention it (because I can quote certain scenes)–Kindergarten Cop. I was the little girl on her tricycle who once asked an officer of the law for a hug when I won a bicycle safety award from an elementary school event hosted by our municipality and the local police department. I oddly enough even have a best friend who is a law enforcement officer but that just worked out from sheer kismet, though looking back, maybe I have a type. Who knows! What I do know is that I love watching stories about police officers, whether it’s a television show like COPSCampus PD or The Wire; serious and gritty films like The DepartedEnd of Watch or Training Day, or buddy cop comedies like The Other Guys or Rush Hour. I just love them! I have an affection for law enforcement officers that knows no bounds. Take away my cop shows or movies, it would be a BOP–”breach of peace.”

When I first heard FOX was going to premiere a new show this fall called Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I grew very excited! For good reason too since the half-hour sitcom starring Saturday Night Live alum, Andy Samberg has a familiar and genuine offbeat approach similar to fan favorites like The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. No surprise since some of the brains behind Brooklyn Nine-Nine are David Miner, Dan Goor and Michael Schur who have previously worked on those cleverly constructed workplace comedies. The series which premiered in September garnered 6.17 million viewers alone and has improved each week, resulting in a full season pick-up earlier this month from the network.

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