‘Wahlburgers’ Beef Up Reality TV

We may love to explore new foods and add them to our diets, but we never really stray too far from the comfort of a burger. Burgers are pretty much mandatory on the summer menu, but even during the cold, winter seasons, they can bring much warmth to the ordinary eater. The burger is a symbol of good old comfort eating and is one of the culinary world’s most recognized creations. It’s simple and yet, always perfect to the conscious eater. Did you know there are even four days in the year devoted to the burger? I kid you not, and no one knows burgers than master culinary chef, Paul Wahlberg and his famous younger brothers, Donnie and Mark.

Hmm, sound familiar? Yep. It’s those Wahlbergs! Donnie, known for being one-fifth of  the “New Kids on the Block” turned TV star; and his younger brother Mark, the popular movie star, help beef up prime-time with their brother, Paul in a new docuseries for A&E Television called Wahlburgers. The Dorchester-bred family invites viewers into a glimpse of their life and how they run their two Hingham, Massachusetts gourmet restaurants Alma Nove andWahlburgers, offering a fresh and more intimate look at the famous family. The show served up some tasty ratings in its season premiere last Wednesday, dishing up a hot 3.3. million viewers for the network.

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