14 Romantic (And Guy Friendly) Films for Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day! Heart-shaped candies, pretty overpriced cards from Hallmark, flowers and chocolates, and a whole lot of “xoxo” make up this holiday. It’s a day for lovers, but it’s also a day for those who are single and just want to avoid Facebook. No matter how you feel, this weekend the cherub riddled “Feast of St. Valentine” arrives. If you’re staying in tonight either with your significant other or your friends Ben & Jerry, here are some films that are romantic but also cater to the men. I’m going to spare you the trouble of watching The Notebook again, or another 27 Dresses, or another Jennifer Lopez rom-com. As someone who is a film fanatic, I can understand how the cliche ‘chick flick’ makes a man cringe. Trust me, it makes a fair amount of women cringe too. If I have to see someone post on Facebook, “I am the exception, not the rule,” one more time—in the kindest way possible, I will high-five you to the mouth.

If you’re staying in tonight with your loved one or are on your own and ordering in from your favorite pizza joint and hibernating from the dreaded winter weather, here are fourteen (because of the blessed occasion) films that will please both sexes on Valentine’s Day…

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