The Hudsucker Takes on the 86th Annual Academy Awards: Predictions, Hopes and Snubs

Author’s Note: Our Managing Editor, Katherine Hernandez coordinated our 2nd Annual Oscar Collaboration for The Hudsucker, with Elizabeth and I having the honor to help her out. It features a few of our resident cinephiles predicting the night’s winners, who they’d vote for if they were members of the Academy, who was snubbed, along with overall thoughts of this year’s nominations. Who are you hoping to see take home the coveted Oscar this year? Share your thoughts here or better yet, comment over at The Hudsucker!

The Oscars 2014

The 86th Academy Awards are this Sunday, and as awards season winds down, it’s once again time to see who will take home the top honors in acting and film. Here at The Hudsucker we try our hand at predicting the winners in some of the major categories. A few of our lovely writers and resident cinephiles – Bo DietrickCathie DillardMeg QuinnJanna JeffreyKatherine HernandezTania Hussain, and Elizabeth The – also share their thoughts on who they’d vote for if they were members of the Academy and who they feel got snubbed.

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