Apple’s iPhone 5s is the Best Yet and Delivers The Goods

Rogers SIThis past September, Canadian media giant, Rogers Communications launched the Social Insider program giving tech enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate with the company on various projects, while trying out new devices. Thanks to my good friend (and sister from another mister), ElizabethI was introduced to the Rogers SI program last month and had the chance to test out the iPhone 5s for two whole weeks! 

Before testing this device out, the closest I’ve had to the latest iPhone is the iPod Touch 5 and the iPhone 4, so I know how an Apple device works. However in all honesty, I own a BlackBerry Q10 and though that’s no real laughing matter, I’ve always been curious to test out the competition. Apple has been BlackBerry’s biggest yet, and I can tell why so many people love this new phone. It’s incredibly easy and smooth. In comparison to the iPod Touch 5 and the iPhone 4, there are significant differences with Apple’s latest slice, and one that makes the iPhone 5s one of the best smartphones on the market. It may look like its fellow Apple members, but there is so much more going on under its space grey hood.

The iPhone 5s is built on the design of the iPhone 5, but with a new 64-bit A7 processor and the introduction of the M7 motion co-processor. In simple terms, what does that all basically mean? It means these new technologies will help to increase battery life, as the M7 chip reduces the processing load on the CPU; and frees up processing time. I did find the battery life to be pretty great, especially since I’m always sending emails and much of my work involves social media. The battery is larger in this and because of it, feel I was able to get the most out of the experience. I used dynamic wallpapers (because why not?) and though was connected to Wi-Fi networks, it was impressive with the amount of usage.

The iPhone 5s is solid, yet incredibly light, slick and quick. It has a nice aluminum frame surrounding its crisp and sharp 4″ glass screen. It’s very smooth and in some way, the touchscreen technology glides gently and promptly. That could be the iOS 7 software’s doing, but it adds very nicely to this smartphone’s overall traits. The iOS 7 was designed with iPhone 5s in mind. It’s extremely intuitive and makes things easy to find your way around. There is sapphire crystal protecting the Home button as well, with more of the ‘bling’ protecting the iSight camera.

There are many features to the new iPhone 5s, but I didn’t take full advantage. I’m not someone who needs all those necessary features like the Touch ID—a new fingerprint identity sensor technology, that conveniently secures your phone without entering that pesky passcode each time; or the new FaceTime HD, that includes larger pixels and an improved backside illumination sensor. I didn’t find time to use them either, but I did enjoy some of the built-in apps like Maps, Safari (browsing made simple), Calender, Phone, Notes, the Apple Store, and of course, Siri. Siri has greatly improved and is the occasional smart aleck, which is always appreciated.

I was able to test out the 16 GB sized iPhone 5s, and though I had enough space for music and movies, I didn’t feel it was necessary to add tunes into my phone since I do have the iPod Touch 5. That being said, I’m wondering if the market for iPods will be extinct since this phone can pretty much be everything for you.

Let’s get into the camera because this was something I really loved! With the pace of today, it’s evident we’ve become a very visual world. While text used to be the medium of choice for communication, Twitter introduced messages in 140 characters or less, proving that most people don’t have the time or patience to digest large quantities of information. While some may argue about the digression of social media, in many ways it has brought people together and taken communication to new heights. With sites like Instagram or Snapchat, visuals have become important tools in self-expression. Apple has listened and greatly improved their iSight camera, capturing still life at 8 megapixels. It’s an incredibly easy camera and is guaranteed to take a beautiful, crisp shot every time. All you have to do is simply aim and shoot. Because of its advanced technologies, you don’t need to fiddle with shutterspeed settings because the camera’s hardware and software is specifically designed to adapt to your surroundings. It’s ideal because it allows itself to figure out how to capture the best photograph. With the True Tone flash, it deduces how intense flash should be and balances the color temperature of flash during the shot, not in the post process. With the image stabilization, multishot and burst, you can also capture that perfect moment without losing a second of time or creating blurs. In many ways, it will make you feel like an expert photographer. Take a look for yourself!

Below are some photographs I snapped up from this never ending winter and food that’s been keeping me company…

Click to enlarge

The camera also allows HD recording in stunning 1080p. You can even create slow-motion effects to capture whatever you choose to shot, whether you intend to create drama or garner a few laughs. With the slow-motion effect, you can capture video at 120 frames per second in 720p.

The camera has 1.5-micron pixels on the sensors and is 15% larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 5. With the camera’s new software, you’ll also be able to swipe through filters and apply them either before or after the shot is taken. And the best part, you can undo without the photo quality being lost. In the Photos section, not only will users find their photographs neatly categorized by time and place with Collections, Moments, and Years; but Apple now supports AirDrop. iCloud users can still share their photo streams with friends and family, and multiple devices.

All-in-all, I really like this phone. I enjoy holding it for long periods of time too and don’t feel it’s annoying, or anything like that. It’s guaranteed to have 10 hours of talk time on a 3G network, with internet use up to 8 hours on 3G but 10 hours for LTE and Wi-Fi. You can play your videos for 10 hours, or your music for 40 hours. It can basically hold up its own and if you’re dedicated to work and socializing, it really can be your number one companion. From my use with the iPhone 5s’ camera, I also like that it’s very similar to the BlackBerry 10’s. So would I buy it? Yes. I actually think I would. The iPhone 5S is an evolutionary smartphone from Apple and love that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but it’s got great features, easy to use apps, and really makes the tech experience so worth it.

Thank you to Rogers Communications for allowing me to test out the iPhone 5s! Follow @RogersBuzz and the #RogersSI hashtag on Twitter for more information about the iPhone 5s and other Rogers products.

All photographs taken by me.

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