Alas! Spring is Here…?

Alas! Spring is here! Well, sort of. In my neck of the woods, it’s still snowing and chilly, but hey–don’t fret because I’m Canadian, and I’m made for snow and igloos. Leo Tolstoy said that “spring is the time of plans and projects,” so I certainly plan to keep myself busy and plan my life a little better. As of lately, I’ve been in a funky rut where I keep to myself, sleep, go out for a jog, or stock up on marshmallows. I’m not sure why I care so much for the marshmallows all of a sudden, but it could be because I’m following the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man on Twitter and it’s some subliminal message to my cravings. Either it’s a good marketing ploy for marshmallow companies, or I’m stress munching again.

Did I mention spring is here? Because it is…

While the season of Spring is meteorologically associated with the next three months of March, April, and May, every year, the season arrives on a different date. This year, the spring equinox fell yesterday–March 20. What’s the equinox? No, it’s not an American-built car. Well, it’s when the sun moves across the celestial equator–better known as the imaginary circle around the sky that can be found directly above our Earth’s equator. And while the first day is a celebration of warm weather, rainfall and the promise of more time to spend in the day stress munching, it’s a time of renewal. My favorite part of Spring is the longer hours in the day, the gorgeous sunsets, the bright colors, the smell in the air, and of course, the flowers in bloom.

I was going through my old photographs and noticed how many I took of my garden in full bloom during the Spring of last year. When looking at them, I suddenly grew warm and felt optimistic. I don’t know what it is about flowers but they are innocent and delicate; full of promise and hope. They are able to put such a smile on my face. Flowers have always meant something so wonderful to me. They affirm a certain magnanimous beauty in this world; one that grows from a dark place and sees the light; one we don’t always stop to really take a look at or care for because they are always there. Going back to Tolstoy’s quote, I plan to live a little more this Spring in hopes to find myself.

I uploaded some of my photographs from last Spring over at Flickr in a set I call “The Earth Laughs in Flowers”, titled after Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem, Hamatreya.

Photograph seen above and Flickr Set: Credit, Tania Hussain

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