“Mythos” Makes Waves and Soars with “Sea and Sky”

In these past few years, there has been a great emergence of web entertainment found creatively crafted into what audiences know as a web series. The recent explosion in the production of these ‘webisodes’ has given audiences from all over the world a brand new way to connect, along with a platform in which they can enjoy unique stories that encompass originality. With the popular web series belonging to the digital medium and a product of the times, it is likely they will be in high demand in the coming years as mainstream television and film have lately been lacking imagination, and will look towards new outlets to uncover commercial success. There have been many web series that create an interesting angle to filmmaking and storytelling without the interference of studio input, but appear no different from a television show or film when viewing.

One such web series is Mythos, written and produced by the remarkably talented, Miriam Pultro. In an industry where less than 10% of women produce or direct films, it’s refreshing to see someone like Pultro hammer away at the glass ceiling and build a platform for creative storytelling. The critically acclaimed web series which has been nominated and won numerous industry accolades, is the classic mythological tale of a hero’s journey based on mortality, family, love and fate.

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