Sentimental For VCRs


Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?
{WordPress: Daily Prompt - Going Obsolete // May 3, 2014}

It may sound silly, but I’ve always loved the VCR and at times, actually miss it. Since I can remember, it was my favorite gadget growing up. I would come back from kindergarten and lay out all my tapes on the floor to figure out what I was in the mood to watch. Most times it was a toss up between Ghostbusters, Back To School or The Little Mermaid. Of course, the former would always win out because the Ghostbusters were a big part of my life and still are.

VCRs bring an odd sense of nostalgia to me. I love hooking them up, I love being able to see each scene when I’d rewind or forward, I love even seeing the snowy affect, and I love the loud click when choosing an option. I don’t know—maybe it’s weird, but I liked all of that. It just seemed like a simple time. Don’t get me wrong here because I love my DVR/PVR  and I love being able to record things quickly, and then instantly delete it but I still miss the VCR. I have dozens and dozens of VHS tapes in my basement and even repaired my very last VCR, a JVC Pro-Cision (on my own) back in 2010. I liked being able to fix them, it was fun! And we all know VCRs could easily get off track and start to break down when either overheated by excessive playing or rewound, but they brought a little magic into my life.

I decided to retire my VCR and place it inside a box in my garage, where I can keep it as a time capsule of sorts and show it off to my kids, along with my diverse Disney collection (I still have The Lion King on tape). Now sure VCRs have their cons, like you could accidentally record over that epic touchdown made by Joe Montana against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV; or precious moments like your wedding, or Bar Mitzvah, but how many times did that really happen? Didn’t anyone remember if you pull the tab on the tape, you can’t record over? And if you want to record over, stick a piece of tape on it? Yep.

I’m not sure, maybe it’s just a sentimental tie to my childhood that makes me still love it and miss it.

Notable mentions: I may have belonged to another era, but I miss my typewriter and being able to rent movies from Blockbuster. The fact that we no longer have a Blockbuster, makes me really sad. It just reminds us how of antisocial our society’s becoming as we resort to downloading everything and ridding that social aspect.

With technology advancing, what’s something you miss the most?



  1. I remember how frustrated I would get when I’d borrow videos from Rogers and find that the previous renter didn’t rewind the tape back, haha. I still have my VCR in my room, though it’s collecting dust.

    1. Ugh, ah yes—how could I forget that?! I absolutely hated when people would never rewind the tapes. Considering some VCRs had incredibly slow rewind functions, it felt like it was the most discourteous thing a person could do to another, haha!

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