Home Is Where The Heart Is

They say, “home is where the heart is” and as I’ve gotten older, that’s something I truly believe. I think it’s been that way my whole life but I just never realized it. When I was in high school, a representative from IU showed up and asked if I would be interested in applying, though at the time it just didn’t seem practical to me. Not proud of the fact that proceeded, I laughed and said, “What am I going to do living in corn fields?”

Ten years later, I see exactly what the Universe was hinting at and I blame myself now because I could have had something. But I really shouldn’t beat myself up. After all, at the time of my high school graduation in 2003, my sister was becoming very ill from Crohn’s and a lot of sacrifices were made by me and my family in order to have her get better, thus, university wasn’t an option for me. Throughout those years, I built my own career through writing and after my sister’s surgery in 2009, things looked better. It was almost ten years later that I won a contest for a getaway to Indianapolis care of the kind and awesome folks at the Visit Indy tourism board! It was absolutely surreal. In my series for The Hudsucker in 2012, “Sleepless in Indianapolis“, I wrote of how incredibly elated I was with the whole experience. It really was such an amazing time and one I fondly look back on.

I fell in love with the city, the history, everything! Though it wasn’t a crowded city either, it still maintained a solid warmth, one which I noticed through the people and their hospitality. Sure we’re nice up here in Canada too, but it’s hard to walk in Toronto on a weekday without being groped and actually taking in the sights when you need to be concerned about the never-ending construction that plagues the city everyday, or bumping into someone, or getting hit by a manic taxi driver. That being said, I may not be made for crowds. I’m more of a country girl—for pete’s sake, I live near wheat fields and across a farm and barn. But walking about in Indianapolis was like, easy. It felt nice and carefree. I loved the feeling of walking casually down the street—okay, so there was a hop in my step—and smiling at cute boys while making my way to Circle Center Mall to meet up with my sister.

Since winning that contest, I’ve been to the city and state countless times and something just clicked. If “home is where the heart is”, Indiana has become a second one to me through serendipity and fate. As homes are generally starting points to where you make your first steps, Indiana has helped me to discover who I am through the art of travel, while staying true to myself and what I want for my life. In many ways, my experiences there have shaped me today.

In accordance to the Daily Prompt, if I was able to split time evenly between two places, it would be my current home up here in Canada, and down south in Indiana. I’m a solid Canuck, but with the heart of a Hoosier. As a proud Canadian, I will always love my country but I will also love the 19th U.S State. I’ve found a lot of peace and love in Indiana too, and for good reason—they’re all good folk. I’m a very family oriented type of person too, and I love that most about Indiana. With all my travels to the state in these last two years, I’ve seen a lot of those familial values that I was brought up with, and as an outsider, I really appreciate that. With the way the world is becoming, many people don’t value family the same way.

As I get older and find my place in this great, big world, one of my dreams has been to move to Indiana and frequently visit my folks back home—ultimately, traveling back and forth within the two. It would be nice to live in a city like Indy or Carmel, but with where I live now and how it’s the hub for a growing population (they cut down part of the forest near my house–boo!), I wouldn’t mind finding a place in the middle of nowhere, midst ‘fields of gold’ (corn) and a nice breeze. That would be a nice way to satiate my dreams of being like Dr. Jo Harding and storm chase too, since we don’t get many up in these regions. In the meantime, like one of my girlfriends suggested, I’ve been applying to jobs in the state of Indiana but to no luck. Last summer I had a prospective job, but that didn’t work out. Obviously, I’m not going to give up on that though because nothing good comes out of giving up!

Now there’s no point in regret because any way it went, my life would end up where it is today. But if there’s one thing I would show my younger 18 year-old self, it would be that things and places aren’t always what you expect them to be because if they were, none of us would be open to expanding our life palette with travel and exploring the different cultures and diversities our life can hold. Since then, I have learned the benefits of travel and how vital it is to my heart and mind. The key to growth has always been to make yourself feel uncomfortable by getting out of the familiarities because only then you truly grow.

{WordPress: Daily Prompt - A Tale of Two Cities // May 5, 2014}
Photo Credit: United State of Indiana


  1. don’t know if you know WestLife….but I am from Canada too!;) Today, I am a “canadian-american”…haha/lol. I was born in Winnipeg. Lived there till I was 7, making frequent trips back. Started school in a french emersion english/french school. anyway…..cheers!;)

      1. ;) you’re not missing much in Winnipeg- it’s pretty mundane, flat geographically, and un-interesting in general. Seriously. I met a woman from Calgary once, and she told me that in Calgary at least, a lot of women when they see someone who has bad hair, they say “oh, she’s from Winnipeg”, you know…to rip on her/make fun of her. i thought that was funny ;D

  2. Sounds like both places have importance to your heart. I always loved that saying, “Home is where the heart is” because it is so true.
    I also loved this post because when I was younger I too dreamed of being Jo Harding when I grew up! Although I did hope for a lack of flying cow because I felt bad for that poor cow :) I did love that truck though.

    1. I’ve always loved that proverb too! I’ve always found that it really goes beyond the simplicity of the wording. And thanks, it’s always nice to come across fans of Jo Harding! She was one of my heroes growing up and really catapulted me into the science of weather. Yep, definitely don’t want flying cows nearby though, haha!

      1. Mine too! At the time she was one of the few female protagonists in movies that wore pants and a tank top and played mostly with boys in situations where you climbed trees and got very dirty. As a total tomboy who had 2 brothers and regularly lost shin skin to the bark of the trees I was falling out of… she was my hero!

    1. You and Michigan are perfect, but I know what you mean because down on the west coast, they got a saying: if you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing, but you’ve got the music in you, don’t you? :)

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