Start Your Engines: The Indy 500 Revs Up Fun This Super Weekend

This weekend, the “raciest” event takes place in Speedway, Indiana and is revving up fun for millions this Memorial Day weekend. So what is it about car racing that excites a lot of us? My best friend, a former small town go-kart champion would probably say it’s the thrill of speed while playing cat and mouse with drivers as they zoom past each other to the finish line, or that unadulterated adrenaline rush when you hear those engines roar and shake the earth beneath you.

Though I like to think it’s the speed and concentration witnessed on the racetrack that makes one feel the excitement of the sport, keeps them on the edge of their seat, but then again—it could also be that sensation when fans sit in the stands and feel that warm Indiana sun kissing their skin. However you decide to describe such fun and excitement, you “auto” know (I’m done with puns, don’t worry) that this weekend is bound to be big fun for sports fans and racing enthusiasts as the famed Indianapolis 500 celebrates another year of automobile racing at the beloved Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

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