Amanda Bannikov’s “The Sleepy Dragon”: Bedtime’s Best Friend

The Sleepy Dragon 02

Whether they are the books you have grown to love, or tales that you share with one another, it’s clear that stories have the power to bring us together and are one of the primary ways children learn to enjoy reading at an early stage. There is a particular charm found in books because the characters in them are not just two-dimensional on a page, but assume life-like qualities in the hands of the author that transports them to an alien and mystical world.

Fairy-tales are a big part of our literary culture. Not only are they stories about magical and imaginary lands and beings, but they evoke a great youthful nostalgia—that part of us that still believes in fairy tales. Fairy tales give children the chance to understand themselves, their feelings and how to cope with real-life situations; and so what we see in the fairy tales is in one sense a reflection of our culture in a more practical sense.

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