Celebrating 30 Years with “Ghostbusters”

With this summer spewing high-budget blockbusters left and right, there’s one film that has already won the hearts of audiences and fans alike, inspiring genuine admiration and enthusiasm. This month marks the 30th anniversary of Ivan Reitman’s classic Ghostbusters—a film regarded most fondly today by fans, both new and old.

If you’re not familiar with Ghostbusters, you might just be living under a rock. It is one of the most well-known films of the 1980s and has had a massive impact on our modern pop culture. The film which coined the popular phrase, “Who you gonna call?”, has been ranked among the best comedies of all time with memorable quotes and a song that everyone can remember and sing along to. The American Film Institute placed the 1984 film in a handful of lists, including a ranking at No. 28 in its list of Top 100 comedies. In 2005, IGN voted Ghostbusters as the greatest comedy ever, with Entertainment Weekly calling it the “Funniest Movie of the Past 25 Years”.

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