Letter from The Editor: Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

Today is a big day. The vision I had for a pop culture and lifestyle magazine came to life two years ago with the help of four amazing friends, and an enormously talented and dedicated team of writers. The Hudsucker is a testament to the power of dreams and pain, both of which are naturally opposite. When I built the site, I was in a dark place and  never imagined our little digital magazine would take off like with the way it did, and continues to. I remember discussing the idea of creating a site a few years ago with a friend but it was just a thought. As we celebrate today, I share a letter to our readers and reflect on how true passion can fuel your own goals, ultimately helping to manifest such dreams all into reality.

Dear Readers,

Today we celebrate two years since The Hudsucker’s inception! After last year’s milestone, we’ve really grown into our own and it’s been a fun ride so far. As the Editor-in-Chief of a pop-culture and lifestyle digital magazine, I’m extremely humbled and honored that I get to share the joy of our success with such a fantastic and well-accomplished team of writers. As it can evidently be seen with the content on our site, we’ve been able to really grow not thrive in our own contributions, but together as an upcoming force in the ever-growing online realm.

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