There’s a new Bruno in town!

Move over, Bruno Mars! There’s a new Bruno in town and he’s becoming a bit of a star on Tumblr and Instagram—at least, how I see it! With the popularity of cat videos and other animals taking over social media, it would make sense to talk about our pets. After all, they can be our best friends and a big part of our family. Let’s be real: animals own the Internet as of now. If the Apes from Planet of the Apes were ‘real’ (not denying Caesar couldn’t exist), they’d be tweeting, taking selfies, or Vine-ing like no one’s business. Between LOLcats and the jump-roping dogs on America’s Got Talent, we really can’t get enough of the cuteness, can we? Seriously, have you seen the sneezing panda? That video has more hits than some of the most important news stories of our time. Even Boo has 14 million followers on Facebook! One can say that it surely says a lot about the times and what we really need as a society: a little peace from the everyday.

And the owners behind these animals are quiet, humbled people who spend so much time crafting their pet’s life for us to enjoy and literally “aww” over and over on. Last year, Elizabeth wrote an article for The Hudsucker about the adorable animals you should follow on Instagram and it was too stinkin’ cute! If you haven’t checked it out, go ahead and do it now.

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted a dog (either a Black Labrador or a German Shepherd named George Bailey or Dexter), especially a big one that will enjoy going on runs with me and various other adventures. A lot of my friends don’t own big dogs though and I wonder why. My dad grew up with a Black Lab named Jackie who was unfortunately poisoned by their butler (very long story). And then my brother has two shih tzus and one of my friends has a French bulldog. And then I came across this lovely little Bichon Frisé and I was smitten. Known as Bruno, the “curly lap dog” is an Internet star in the making and quite possibly, the cutest Bruno in the world. I originally discovered this sweet little cutie on Tumblr where I’ve been hiding lately but that’s another story for another time. There are a ton of photographs in Bruno’s little nook of the Internet known as “BrunoPorn” and they are every bit adorable as you would imagine. Bruno playing Connect Four. Bruno at candlelight dinner. Bruno a la Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The photograph above particularly caught my eye because of the hilarity! Just like a professional NASCAR or Indy driver, Bruno the dog drives his little-itty-bitty car around town! Ugh, so sweet. I love it!

Photographed by his owner MrYoho on Instagram, Bruno is quite possibly having the most fun this summer! You can see for yourself over at BrunoPorn!

Do you follow any animals on social media? Share with me in the comments below!

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