Celebrating World Gratitude Day: The Importance of a Thankful Heart

{Image Credit: Getty Images/Meredith Winn Photography/Moment}

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in these past few years, it’s that our heart and soul is designed in such a way that it can combat any obstacle with courage, patience, and time. It isn’t easy to comprehend the reasoning behind the occurrence of these impediments, but it’s well known that in life, we will go through unexpected challenges that arise on our path to success and happiness. Along the way you will be hurt, but it’s through these obstacles that we must ensure negativity and cynicism don’t taint our life into a misleading direction. It’s through these obstacles that we must find gratitude and be thankful for what we have in this moment.

As we observe World Gratitude Day tomorrow, it’s important to understand what this day really means. Being able to express a genuine thankfulness to others and to yourself is an important aspect of life. Without it, we would be lost and unsure of where to head next. Gratitude is a multitude of things and boils down to living life as if everything were a true blessing and miracle. From being thankful to friends and family; acknowledging everything you receive in your day-to-day life; noticing simple pleasures like a sunset or a rainstorm that make you smile, and just being on a conscious level of how much you’ve been given in this life.

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