Propelle: Redefining the F-Word: The Importance of Failure

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I recently got the opportunity to be a guest writer for Propelle. They’re a company based out of Pittsburgh that train and inspire women to reach their fullest potential, while propelling them to achieve their goals and dreams. I wrote about failure and how we should re-define and embrace the dreaded “F-Word”. An excerpt is below:

[Guest Post] Redefining the F-Word: The Importance of Failure

Over the years we’ve all heard inspirational words from leaders, mentors, teachers and scholars on what is, and what isn’t considered failure. Many believe it’s the feeling you get when accomplishing a goal, attaining prosperity and popularity, or even being blessed with finding personal meaning.

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Failure is a lot like icing on a cake—it gives success great substance and significance, as long as we have the moral courage to pursue such a feat with determination. One should never be afraid of making mistakes because it is from our mistakes that we learn to succeed.

Years ago, I met a magazine editor at a workshop who shared with me these words of advice: “The key to success is having dreams and making them come true.” I wondered if what she shared was accurate. We all have dreams and work hard to attain them, so what does it take to make them come true?

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