An Affair To Remember: A Sneak Peek at Showtime’s “The Affair”

Why do we cheat? It’s the age-old question we have all pondered hard to really understand, especially when so many of us have such perfect and happy looking lives. However, when two people engage in an extramarital affair—whether emotional or physical—the pain of such an act is inevitable, because it’s never just about two people indulging in their unsaid wants or needs. With countless ways to lose what you hold dear, the pain is inevitable and ever damaging.

Set in Montauk, New York, Showtime’s The Affair explores the emotional and psychological effects of an extramarital love affair between family-man, school teacher and author, Noah Solloway (Dominic West); and Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson), a 15 year diner waitress trying her hardest to piece back together her life and marriage in the wake of tragedy.

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